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Ethical Conduct

Our employees have a duty to ensure that they acquire and use wisely and faithfully the knowledge that is relevant to the engineering skills needed in their work in the service of others. Our employees work to enhance the welfare and Health & Safety of all, whilst paying due regard to the environment and the sustainability of resources. They have made personal and professional commitments to enhance the wellbeing of society through the exploitation of knowledge and the management of creative teams.


This Statement of Ethical Principles sets a standard to which members of the engineering profession should aspire in their working habits and relationships. The values on which it is based should apply in every situation in which professional engineers exercise their judgment. There are four fundamental principles that should guide an engineer in achieving the high ideals of professional life. These express the beliefs and values of the profession and are amplified below.

Accuracy & Rigour

Tenet Consultant Ltd employees have a duty to ensure that they acquire and use wisely and faithfully the knowledge that is relevant to the engineering skills needed in their work in the service of others. Employees will:

  • Always act with care and competence.
  • Perform services only in areas of current competence.
  • Keep their knowledge and skills up to date and assist the development and skills in others.
  • Not knowingly mislead or allow others to be misled.
  • Present and review evidence, theory and interpretation honestly, accurately and without bias.
  • Identify, evaluate and mitigate risks.

Honesty & Integrity

Tenet Consultants Ltd employees should adopt the highest standards of professional conduct, openness, fairness and honesty. They will:

  • Be alert to the ways in which their work might affect others and duly respect the rights and reputations of other parties.
  • Avoid deceptive acts, take steps to prevent corrupt practices or professional misconduct, and declare conflicts of interest.
  • Reject bribery or improper influence.
  • Act for each employer or client in a reliable and trustworthy manner.

Respect for Life, Law & Public Good

Tenet Consultants Ltd employees will give due weight to all relevant law, facts and published guidance and the wider public interest. They will:

  • Ensure that all work is lawful and justified.
  • Minimise and justify any adverse effect on society or on the natural environment for their own and succeeding generations.
  • Take due account of the limited availability of natural and human resources.
  • Hold paramount the Health & Safety of others.
  • Act honourably, responsibly and lawfully and uphold the reputation, standing and dignity of the company.

Responsible Leadership

All of our staff should aspire to high standards of leadership in the exploitation and management of technology. They hold a privileged and trusted position in society and are expected to demonstrate that they are seeking to serve the wider society and to be sensitive to public concerns. They will be objective and truthful in any statement made in their professional capacity.

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