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Replacement Switchgear

A significant quantity of the switchgear and associated distribution equipment was installed on our client's site during the 50’s and 60’s. Obsolescence issues, maintainability and the deteriorating condition of the equipment has led to restrictions on switching operations and a potential impact operational efficiency.


Tenet initially undertook a Desktop review and identified the relevant engineering drawings. These were used to undertake a number of physical walk downs in the associated areas and either verify the information from the record drawings or ‘Red-Line’ as appropriate. In addition, the area local to these distribution boards was reviewed in order to identify likely locations for replacement facilities.


These findings were then taken away and used to create a number of ‘Story-Boards’, each depicting a different solution and describing the potential implications as regards pre-works, general disruption and outage requirements. Each installation had a number of possible solutions developed and taken to a meeting of the key project stakeholders. The various options were discussed with representatives of Infrastructure, Distribution, Operations etc. in order to identify the preferred solutions and eliminate the least effective.


The proposed technical solutions from this presentation were investigated further and eliminated until one clear optimal solution remained. This solution was then taken forward to be developed during the detailed design phase.  

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